Building the Site

This website was made using Hugo. It is deployed and built on Netlify with images handled by Netlify large media.

The layout is based on the DocDock theme. This includes Featherlight for lightbox viewing. Responsive images and lazyloading use Lazysizes. This is implemented through a Hugo shortcode which selects from 8 variants of each image, one full-sized and only loaded when the image is clicked.

I would have liked to use Commento for the comment system; it’s lightweight, respects privacy, and has good social integration given its size. However, since it requires its own hosting, it’s not exactly within the spirit of this project. Comments now use Disqus. It has its drawbacks (overhead, user tracking, lack of control), but these are mitigated by the button at the bottom of each page, which only loads Disqus when clicked.