I have a few other websites. Also check out my Github.


This is my audio electronics website. Headphone audio is a field with lots of misinformation; even among objectivists in the field, there are lots of rules of thumb flying around that are completely false. For instance, that people using a PC’s motherboard audio output should avoid high impedance headphones: a representative sample of popular consumer headphones shows that headphone impedance has no meaningful correlation with loudness when driven from a motherboard.

The site also contains a handful of electronics calculators for calculations I do regularly.


A website that converts phone numbers to phone words and phone words to phone numbers. Unlike with similar tools, automatic English word matching and word filters make it easy to sort through all of the possible ways to represent a number.


A custom timer maker. There are plenty of sites out there which allow you to make countdown pages, but most of them have limited customization options, may or may not handle time zones, and require a server.

Meanwhile WhenIs.Day lets you generate masterpieces using only a static webpage.